Winter experiences in the United States to warm your heart

Winter experiences in the United States to warm your heart

A new season begins and for us your well-being is the most important thing, in this opportunity we give you to know some activities that you can do, in whichever you choose do not forget to take with you our fruit snacks of different flavors 100% natural.


Winter reveals majestic landscapes and allows the contemplation of the season's wildlife. Those seeking outdoor adventure and contact with nature will marvel at these destinations. 

- Yellowstone, Idaho: This National Park is one of the most important natural reserves in the United States.

- Valdez, Alaska: Ideal for adrenaline lovers, since here you can perform a myriad of activities in snow.

- Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas: The main attraction of this National Park are its springs, which allow visitors to immerse themselves and experience their benefits. 


Because of its easy access and pleasant climates even in winter, the United States is a favorite destination for skiing: 

- Colorado: This state is the mecca of skiing worldwide for the diversity of experiences it presents.

- Utah: Just an hour from Salt Lake City you'll find 10 world-class resorts, making it the largest ski area in the United States.

- Montana: Along its magnificent mountains are located six of the most important ski resorts in the United States. 


Every January 1st is the perfect excuse to renew ourselves and start fresh. If one of your New Year's resolutions is to have a better, healthier version of you. 

- Saratoga Spa State Park, NY: In the 19th century the area became famous and very visited for its waters with "medicinal properties". Today it is a tourist destination offering all kinds of wellness-related activities.

- Kripalú Center, Massachusetts: Surrounded by a dreamlike landscape, it offers a year-round program of activities to nourish the mind, body and spirit.

- Portland, Oregon: Considered the greenest city in the United States, it is guided by five principles: fresh, local, organic, seasonal and sustainable.

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