Tips to look beautiful everyday

Tips to look beautiful everyday

Today, we want to share with you some easy tips to always look beautiful:

  • Eat antioxidant foods

Take care of your skin and body with the consumption of antioxidant foods like those with vitamin A as carrots, broccoli, peppers, chard, oranges, among other fruits and vegetables. Antioxidant vitamins work at our hydration and skin renovation, preventing cellular aging.

  • Don´t forget about vitamin c

Don´t forget to eat vitamin c rich foods. This vitamin help us to hydrate, protect, tone up and light up our skin. In this way, our face will look shining.

  • Clean your skin everyday

Our face is always exposed to pollution, weather changes and other external agents, and even if we didn't make up, it is necessary to clean the skin everyday and keep it hydrated.

  • Deflate the contour of your eyes

Skin in the contour of your eyes is very sensible and has the tendency to inflame. In order to deflate the inflammation, put two cucumber slices in the refrigerator, take them out and put them over your eyes for 10 minutes. This way the aspect of your eyes and skin will improve due to the cold and the hydration and antioxidant properties of the cucumber. 

  • Keep a healthy and hydrated hair

Usa shampoo and conditioner which give hydratio yo the hair and that contains extra ingredients such as keratin, panthenol, aloe vera or glycerol.These ingredients keep hydration inside the hair creating protection from the root without looking greasy.

  • Don't forget to take care of your nails

Take care of your nails weekly to avoid them from break or get weak. Also, hydrate the cuticles.

  • Take a cold shower

We know that take a cold shower could be hard and complicated, but follow this tip helps to eliminate toxins for our skin, improves oxygenation, blood circulation and speeds metabolism.

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