On this vacation... ¿What kind of traveler are you?

On this vacation... ¿What kind of traveler are you?

⛷️ Adventurer:
Likes to travel to practice risky or adventure sports. He likes to travel in groups, never alone. He prefers to travel with his friends.

He is adventurous, he is not attracted to guided tourism. If he gets lost in the desert or in the middle of the forest, all the better for him. He likes the feeling of insecurity and adventure, far from the routine of boring work.

🧗🏻‍♂️ Explorer:
This traveler is the one who does not need to plan routes in advance, but creates them using a map or GPS. They love remote destinations, outdoors and intricate roads. He usually likes to travel alone and with the necessary things in his suitcase.

👩‍🍳 Gourmet:
This adventurer is driven by his passion for gastronomy. Nothing excites him more than knowing and tasting, first hand, the typical and exotic foods of his destination. The interest of this traveler is to get to the place he has chosen, he walks in search of the best preparations, until he finds the origin and the source of the process prior to the preparation of the dish. He will go in search of the best bars, restaurants or food factories.

👨‍🎨 Cultural:
He is passionate about the history behind each civilization. No traveler's suitcase is without a camera, but for the cultural traveler, in particular, the camera is the means to capture the essence behind every religious temple, architectural work, wall or remote region. It is certain that he carries with him a tour guide specialized in his hobby. In this way, he guarantees his tour of each of the emblematic works. He is also passionate about art, and museums are a must stop.

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