Nighttime beauty routine for flawless skin

Nighttime beauty routine for flawless skin

A good night's sleep improves everything from your energy level to your mood and your skin. 

At night is when the skin, along with the rest of the body, goes into repair mode, so making the most of the time you spend sleeping (around eight hours is usually enough) is the easiest way to promote healthier, more radiant skin the next morning. 

Steps to adopt according to your skin's needs:

  1. Cleansing if you wear make up or not, it's important to remove the dirt accumulated during the day.
  2. Toner or essence to restore the skin's PH.
  3. Eye contour, apply with a gentle massage to relieve tension.
  4. Retinoids, stimulate the production of key structural proteins, such as collagen.
  5. Moisturizer, facial oil or night mask, the latter deeply nourishes and hydrates the skin.

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