Getting to know the sugar mango

Getting to know the sugar mango

The sugar mango is a fruit known as baby mango that is in high demand abroad for its small size, low fiber, good aroma and flavor. It is originally from India and in Colombia is produced mainly in the Atlantic Coast, it has two harvests per year, the main one is produced from May to approximately August and the second harvest from December to January. 

According to a study carried out by University Antioquia students, sugar mango is a food with an important content of total phenols and carotenoids present in the edible part of the fruit, which give it antioxidant capacity.

It is one of the most important tropical fruits in the world in terms of production, cultivated area, and popularity, being the largest tropical crop followed by banana, pineapple, papaya, and avocado. 

The findings of the study are intended to support the importance of fruit consumption as well as to show that the Colombian variety of sugar mango has different characteristics from those of other well-studied varieties, which are important factors for its nutritional use and for the elaboration of products with potential health benefits.

Finally, through a sensory evaluation carried out, it was shown that a nectar-type drink based on sugar mango (ripe) free of preservatives, acidulants, artificial coloring and sweetened with sucrose or sucralose, is a good alternative to promote the consumption of this fruit.

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