5 Harvard tips to be smarter

5 Harvard tips to be smarter

Intelligence is an ability that for some comes from birth while for others it is acquired over the years and depending on the circumstances, it is the result of effort.

Is it possible to acquire intelligence on one's own? According to Harvard University professionals, yes, although it is impossible to know everything and master all subjects, for professionals there are habits, behaviors, decisions and attitudes that help to work intelligence.

Professionals Peter C. Brown, Henry L. Roediger III and Mark A. McDaniel from the prestigious university give recommendations to improve brain capacity, agility, memory and as a consequence of these, be more intelligent.

Recommendations to keep in mind:
Good teaching should be creatively adapted to the different learning styles that all people have, no one learns in the same way or handles the same type of intelligence. That's why the Harvard publication draws on recent findings in cognitive psychology and other disciplines to help people further develop their abilities. These are:

1. Learn something new to stimulate the mind; 2.
2. Repeating words aloud
3. Writing and eating with the non-dominant hand
4. Involving the senses
5. Relating memories with new information

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