10 Great benefits of drinking water for your body

10 Great benefits of drinking water for your body

The 70 % 💦of out body is water. This is an indispensable element to keep the body healthy because in addition to cleaning the organism and eliminating toxins, it is also an efficient vehicle to transport the vitamins and minerals that our cells need. 

  1. Relieves fatigue
  2. Prevents headaches and migraines
  3. Helps in digestion and prevents constipation
  4. Helps to keep the beauty on the skin
  5. Keeps out body temperature regulated
  6. Reduces cancer risk
  7. Improves the immunological system
  8. Reduces the heart diseases risk
  9. Solves bad breath
  10. Helps to better metabolize fat 

The main effect of not drinking water is the body's dehydration which brings us headaches, muscle cramps, tiredness, fatigue, thirst, mood changes and reduction of cognitive functions such as lack of attention or loss of memory.

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